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A few people’s favorite of my holiday cards…. ink illustration that looks a bit like a woodcut. I’ll be handing this and others out to guests at the “chicken harvest” tomorrow,,, and will mail 50 to my parents mid-week. xoxox!


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Anthony looked at me in Woodworking class the other day and said “all you ever do is draw knots.” 🙂

penned in a flash of delight when I saw a wagon wheel illustration in The Look of the Wild West by foster-harris.


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Wow. the holiday cards are FINALLY complete- whew! 8 designs I love printed on cream-colored cardstock, they look beautiful. And did I mention cutie handmade envelopes that fit the cards’ rather cute n specific size? I’ll be posting about one per day on my etsy page.

This one’s called Sultry Snowlandia… ❤

each card measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ and opens to a smaller illustration:


wallpapering wintry walls

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On a whim i offered to design my parents a few holiday cards. It turned into quite the project and was a pretty valuable exercise in technique, brainstorm, frustration and excitement. I’ve ended happily with 9 designs that I really like, will send my parents’ cards off Saturday and will make them available on etsy soon.

from my holiday card sketchbook, wallpapering in progress!

the dinner party

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I helped to make dinner for 18 people the other eve. i designed these little menus as favors….. a foldable 3-page menu slides into the little envelope. it was fun!

hello again…!

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Here’s a little art book i created 2 weeks ago. patterns n patterns. but,,,,, more importantly : negative space. mmhmm.

for sale in my etsy shop!

each ‘page’ is 2″ x 2″. entire book is 10″ wide.

the book slides into this little envelope ❤

hello hello!

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well hello blog. hello! it’s just you n me right now, whew! one day perhaps i’ll share you with the world, i’m supposed to keep a blog and supposed to make internetter frenz but since quitting my office job about a month ago, i’ve tried to stay as far from the computer as possible. i’ve even tried to do as little work as possible. so scouring the internets and befriending even you, dear blog, seems a little out of my realm. but i like you enough, ok? ok.

well, here goes. me me me. me me me! like you care 😉 :

first (ish). born in maryland, raised by a lovely nurse, burly home builder, five fierce puppy dogs, and three little kitties. scattered my college years amongst academia and art school, nepal and the appalachian trail.
second (ish). landed in brooklyn. focussed on apparel design after falling in love with a scrap of tapestry fabric. i received my bfa from pratt institute in 2004. hung out with some amazing photographers and illustrators while in nyc, worked in corporate-landia upon graduation (associate outerwear apparel designer). was super drawn to graphic design n silkscreening but couldn’t find the time to pursue it seriously. i loved making art books n knit cuffs and sold a few of my pieces at printed matter in chelsea n other little shops in LA n NYC.

third (ish). quit my job in 2006, travelled to asia n africa, went on a 2month backpacking trip along the appalachian trail, drove my motorcycle cross country to san francisco. i planned on illustrating and making art books about my adventures but soon found myself back in corporate-landia and all art moved to the back burner. i hung out with a few comic book artists and a whole lot of cyclists and i illustrated an album cover, some posters, and some patches in there. o and thanks to john (www.unlay.com) i learned to silkscreen in my apartment!

fourth (ish). quit my job after 2 1/2 years (outerwear apparel designer). i enrolled in permaculture, woodworking, sign language, and leatherworking classes but drawing kept rising to the surface. soon i narrowed my life down to woodworking and illustration. love love love it! now i attend class and draw, draw, draw. and ride my beloved bicycle, homer. heart n heart it.

fifth (ish). january 16th (?) update! i quit woodworking mid-november (i think), hurt my foot and spent a bunch of time re-adjusting to life on crutches! (by the way, don’t wear same pair of converse shoes for 3 years in a row, OK? your boyfriend won’t like the results n neither will you). i’ve learned quite well to keep my right foot off the ground while still bicycling/grocery shopping/etc., have kept art/illustration close by my side and developed an unexpected interest in child psychology/art therapy. spring semester i’ll take both art and psychology classes. the idea of returning to academia intrigues me after 12 (?) years in the art/design world– but i was straight A smartypants student way back when n i think that bit of me can be revived! and i sooooo can’t wait to start silkscreening and reproducing my work in a larger format. i feel i’ve started developing a true ‘style’ that perhaps i can stick with? i’ll see 🙂 i’m super excited about what’s to come! xo.

thanks for listening n xo to you!

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