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onto sketchbook 3!

i spent the morn at l’amyx and delightedly stumbled upon 3 new art book ideas. heart.

UziTron in the works:


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Sending out packages ❤ …. to etsy buyers, stores, zine reviewers. Random amusing convo I had with a postal employee when she saw my duct-tape-wrapped envelopes:

she: this isn’t regulation tape
me: but it’s HOT PINK!!!
she: it’s duct tape. it’s for sinks and plumbing.
me: but it’s HOT PINK!!!!
she: here, cover it with this ugly regulation tape….

So I did. all good.


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oooo thanks to niiicethings for reposting my “i promise to take care of you” ! check out her book arts blog ❤ ❤ ❤

i….. am….. spending this lovely sunny sunday diving into new music, getting a sketch ready for southern exposure‘s open call, putting together a package of samples for giant robot, gathering a few new prints for rock paper scissors, and sending an etsy order off to europe. o i heart sending packages overseas!

spent the morn in blazing sun at the temescal farmer’s market. i grabbed some blue bottle coffee and picked up some delicious veggies at happy boy. heart and heart, i love my town.

random bits from the sketchbook (‘Sara.Sara.Sara.’ n ‘RockBoxes’….. one day (one day) color will come :



November 20, 2010 § 1 Comment

Rain today! I heart ❤ ❤ ❤

One of my holiday cards is showcased on the lovely Feather and Webb blog! And Issues is now selling a few of my art books…..! Annnnd just sent my third etsy order to the UK. Fun. I’ll have a new art book in the works once I have time to put pen to page….

Pics of Strange Attractor……… :

Pebbles <3!

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“I Promise to Take Care of You,” “Pebbles,” and “Strange Attractor” were all delivered to Needles n Pens in SF yesterday (plus “Legende,” “Quilts By,” “Objekts,” and “HelloHello.”). I’m so happy to get them ‘out there’, i’m sooooo happy to see a positive reaction to my work. And I’m simply delighted to see my stuff for sale in stores I’ve always loved!

O n I’ve been featured in two etsy treasuries here n here.

Here’re a few pics of “..Promise..” Soon to be posted on Etsy. “Pebbles” and “Strange Attractor” pics to come soon. xo!

I Promise to Take Care of You <3

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New art book! My fave (they’re all my faves but…. I love love love this one’s new direction.) It’s called “I Promise to Take Care of You” n here’s a snippet of the rough version. xo!

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