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the o so randomest of news:

1. i’ve illustrated the text for the greenhorn‘s blog header. they’re an awesome fun organization that promotes young farmers in america. they have blog, documentary, radio show, handbook, everything. inspiring!

2. i have *FIVE* new books on the way once i can figure out titles n finalize some small details. advance apologies: i’ve started mispelling words on purpose. i promise i’m doing it for fun and not by mistake 🙂 here’s a little shot from a currently untitled one:

3. christine reminded me last night that i’m a synesthete. always nice to have your visual thinkery ways re-confirmed. i’ve never before drawn out a chart like this one but i like it. these are the colors i’ve associated with numbers n letters my whole life.

4. i had jack, kristine, n michael over for a potluck/drawing/music night, so much fun to connect with your friends on an artistic/food/bicycle level. they rock.


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Notepads! little and BIG. These use sheets from “I Dreamt I Was a Bicycle”– a little handprinted/photocopied/painted collage book I did a few years ago.

Life on crutches (1.5months to go!) is getting much easier. Happy ’bout that and have a newfound respect for all the mobility-impaired out there.


paper the walls!

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just post-ed.

Aksala <3

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Aksala just posted! Oooooo it’s my favorite so far.

2 (3?) other art books swirling around in my head…. something to do with the fairy tales I drew in art school, something to do with the patterns I’ve been sketching for the past few months. A dose of latte + Homer + sunny morning makes the process quite delightful!

‘Paper the Walls’ and some notepads using some extra silkscreened sheets from ‘I Dreamt I Was a Bicycle’ to be posted in the next few days ❤

o sigh…

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Doc ordered me to be off my feet for 2-3 months! Geez. Fractured foot, how boring…. This injury’s been tough but amazing too as I’ve turned from cycling/climbing/yoga to drawing and I simply love it. Never before would I have been able to devote this amount of time to the pen and paper.

Spent much of my time in waiting rooms today filling in the silhouettes of “Aksala.” Can’t wait for it to be complete 🙂

Waiting for my doc.


Aksala: initial sketch (it’ll be an art book).

December 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

the wayward west posted to my shop

the way-war-d wes-t

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snippets from new art book ‘the wayward west’ !

n ‘soaring sails‘ was just profiled in this etsy treasury ❤ ❤ ❤

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