oooooo hello … !

December 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

the o so randomest of news:

1. i’ve illustrated the text for the greenhorn‘s blog header. they’re an awesome fun organization that promotes young farmers in america. they have blog, documentary, radio show, handbook, everything. inspiring!

2. i have *FIVE* new books on the way once i can figure out titles n finalize some small details. advance apologies: i’ve started mispelling words on purpose. i promise i’m doing it for fun and not by mistake 🙂 here’s a little shot from a currently untitled one:

3. christine reminded me last night that i’m a synesthete. always nice to have your visual thinkery ways re-confirmed. i’ve never before drawn out a chart like this one but i like it. these are the colors i’ve associated with numbers n letters my whole life.

4. i had jack, kristine, n michael over for a potluck/drawing/music night, so much fun to connect with your friends on an artistic/food/bicycle level. they rock.


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