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just saw that cutie blog pikaland showcased waves on december 16- thanks! ❤

n soaring sails just featured in this etsy treasury…. waves in this treasury….. strange attractor in this treasury !

posted below….. : new drawing!

and poster for an event in SF on february 12: do come! i’ll be selling my little art books, printed patches, and new illustrations on greeting cards… xo!



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O so much!

Thank you Dorothy! Super awesome blog post on Needles n Pens (SF) and  Pebbles 🙂

Between moving apartments, freelance gigs, and starting classes things are crazy. Will take me a while to post new things on Etsy… Super excited about my psychology and *silkscreening* classes!!!!

Sails (to be posted sooooon) ❤ :


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Poster I designed for Homespun Bikes bike camping event! Do come if you’re in the Bay Area, I just may be presenting some of my bike camping photos ❤

AND my close friends just had a beautiful little boy they named Avery. Adorable. “Sleeping Avery” below.

Pktr Frms!!

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Just posted ❤ (it’s TINY!)


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from 3 new books that will take me a li’l while to put up on etsy.


Is Tru:



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O my, I am so behind!

Many many many thanks to Sophie of O My Clumsy Heart for profiling my zines on her lovely blog in mid-December. XO!

n a random sketch from yesterday. p.s. doc says i can WALK on january 27! goodbye crutches 🙂 ❤

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