March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ll be selling my little artstuffs at Oakland’s Art Murmur this Friday eve! 23rd Street and Telegraph, 6p to 9p ❤

My synesthesia‘s been on my mind a LOT more these days due to a few psych classes I’m taking and a request by some researchers at UC Berkeley to include me in a study on this ‘neurological condition.’ Basically, having synesthesia means that your senses are overlapped. I had no idea how extremely visual I was until I did some more research and started paying attention to my thoughts…. it’s endless! I automatically see specific colors in numbers, letters, weekdays, months …. and I attribute personalities to the same things. I see abstract visual images all the time when I think everyday thoughts and hear voices, music, etc… This is all so natural to me but sounds a little wacky I suppose. But!  It’s inspired a few new books 🙂

The first, and my fave, is called “ones are nervous” n covers the attributes I assign to the numbers zero through nine. The text reads : “ones are nervous. twos are swans so serene. threes can hurt you. fours are solid, they will hold you. fives are stern, angry father. sixes are playful, kid sister. sevens are greedy, sometimes sweet. eights are a deep violet mystery. nines are dull, often awkward. zeros are see-through, clear like water.”

The second is called “COLOR” and simply has the letters of the word “DOLOR” inside in pattern. When I pay attention to all the visual information my mind is going through every second it becomes a little overwhelming… though not exactly painful ❤


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