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Bike to Work Day is my favorite ‘holiday’ of the year! (sorry christmas, birthday, easter….). I think the dates of BTWD are different from city to city but ours in Oakland/Berkeley/San Francisco is May 12. I’m working on a poster/flyer for Spokeland (new Oakland bicycle coop) that’ll be handed out on BTWD at cutey bike-friendly Actual Cafe! A potential design below ❤


spoonflower <3….

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spoonflower! is an amazing US-based textile printing company that’ll print your designs with eco-friendly inks n no minimum order ❤ i haven’t yet used it but sounds like it’ll totally beat screenprinting my own fabrics in my backyard 🙂 below is a print i submitted to their current “alphabet contest”. visit spoonflower n vote for me n every other alphabet print you may like. xo, b

springtyme <3

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Life has become little more than cycling n drawing ❤ March, April n sometimes May always have me dreaming of running far away … I become quite intense n quite independent n tend to annoy my roommates and close friends with my long absences and silence. Somehow I still keep my social life bizzzzy and meet a ton o new people I super enjoy. I soften somewhere around July 🙂 I’m still the girl who motorcycled cross country one summer, hiked the southern third of the Appalachian Trail one spring, cycled cross country one summer, all alone. This year will be full of cycle camping trips- solo n with friends- and drawings. I have my sights set on Berlin, Prague and Tokyo for next year. ❤


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new bottle label for a friend’s home brewed stout ❤ both label designs below … the first will be used, the second won’t.

annnnd literacyhead– an amazing web-based nonprofit that advocates the use of art to teach litearcy- used my paper the walls as an example of art fit for the classroom! cuteness.

art mur-mur…

April 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

was so much fun again! nick from a little table of leather goods (o i should’ve gotten his business card or at least shop name so i could share…) traded me a thin leather bracelet for soaring sails. i just added it to the small collection of ribbons n string adorning my right wrist.. ❤ and aside from the number of friends who stopped by, i had some super awesome interactions with new people …. art lovers n cyclists 🙂

getting to art murmur can be rather interesting as many of us in the bay area choose to not drive. i love showing up early and watching people walk, skateboard, and bike their crafty tables n goods in. last month my roommate michael helped me load all my stuff onto my bike’s back rack— it worked but that 3mile ride felt soooo precarious! this time i decided to use a cart and our local subway system.

a few pics below: michael’s photo of me riding my bike down to art murmur last month, a shot of me + cart this eve, friend n missing link bicycle coop member jon at my table, and a random shot of flowers from tuesday’s farmer’s market (why not?) 🙂


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