bike camping <3 …

May 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

has taken over my life! i’ve spent 3nights this week sleeping on hard ground, 2 more 1nite trips to go. i ❤ it and have woken to the most amazing sunrises …. but. i do plan to spend more time drawing. a few camping pics below ❤

i recently picked up the journal i kept the summer of 2007 when i drove my motorycle cross country from maryland to san francisco. it was a solo trip and i kept to the US’ windy backroads. the person i was then is exactly who i am now: free, searching, confident, alone. i’m brainstorming illustrations to pair with the text n would love to turn it into a handwritten book somewhere down the line.

o! and print & pattern, a blog penned by bowie style and one of my first inspirations, included my work in her entry on march 17. thanks! i suppose i should be a little more up-to-date and have seen this sooner but … i’ve been bike camping 🙂


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