drawing, reading, drawing <3

July 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

as is my custom to obsess and retreat, i’ve pushed serious cycling out of my life for at least a few weeks. now i want nothing more than to sit in my sweet room and draw and draw. o and grab lunch with a friend and coffee at the cheeseboard here n there ❤

i have some super-fun projects to work on : a t-shirt design for homespun bikes, a poster for a homespun event, a poster for a greenhorns event in new york state, and a ton of preparation for the sf zine fest (labor day weekend). i’ll sell all my art books and hopefully some new screenprints at the zine fest ❤

o and reading reading ❤ i’ve been flying (slowly!) through books but this one has caught me in its grip and i hope it lasts forever: “beyond the hundredth meridian” by wallace stegner: a biography of john wesley powell. the desert has always meant so much to me n i’m obsessed with mundane details of desert geology and ethnology. my next dry n fascinating text to read is “report on the geology of the high plateaus of utah” by c.e. dutton, printed for the u.s. department of the interior in 1880. beautifully written, beautifully illustrated. i’m extremely grateful to the berkeley public library’s amazing system for finding me rare texts from tiny universities throughout california and delivering them to my main library.

o, and in keeping with my custom of never staying in one place for toooooooo long i’m thinking of leaving the bay area for eugene or portland, oregon in 2years or so. perhaps. ❤


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