lupine on my mind

August 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

black n white illustrations come so easily for me but color’s a little tougher. were it not for a few clients’ requests i probably never would’ve left the structured safety of my black ink.
i’ve been happy with some tight watercolors i did a few years ago… and tried to translate that into photoshop here.! i’m not so sure i prefer photoshop coloring for my personal pieces.

recently i’ve had lupines on my mind. not flowering lupines. but maybe something to do with grey wolves (canis lupus). and definitely the shape the word brings to mind. soft, fluttering, feathery.

that and brainstorming for a small mural i’ll be painting at a local garden had me continuing to experiment with color. ‘lupine on my mind’ is pictured below. i’m happy…. (for the moment!).

p.s. i saw anders nilsen speak at pegasus books in berkeley the other day. sooo good to hear his perspective!


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