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November 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

After a few years of bopping around the country (from California to Virginia to Oregon to Virginia to Maryland to Texas to California to Utah!) I’ve landed temporarily in a beautiful little house with a beautiful little desk! As simple as that sounds it’s the first awesome inside studio space i’ve had in years. It’s an amazing space to work on my current series of illustrations and go through the rather large set of illos i’ve sporadicly created since 2012.

A few months ago while living in Yosemite National Park I was quite blown away by the works of the amazing woodcut artist Tom Killion. His art inspired me to dive back into the worlds of illustration and to focus on landscapes: something I’ve never done before. I’ve spent the past year working and backpacking in a few National Parks and now have quite a large personal photo collection of my travels that I share on Instagram under @brooke.appler. My new set of illos is a series of these landscapes: from Yosemite to the eastern Sierra to west Texas.

In addition to working on this new series, I’m slowly starting to re-sell my favorite little zines and cute little bicycle patches on etsy.com. Take a look, drop me a line, follow me on Instagram

'sunset over half dome and mount clark, yosemite'

‘sunset over half dome and mount clark, yosemite’


I drew this a few weeks ago while travelling from Yosemite NP, California to Capitol Reef NP, Utah.

I drew this a few weeks ago while travelling from Yosemite NP, California to Capitol Reef NP, Utah.


momentum <3

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

i’m delighted to be a part of momentum magazine‘s latest issue, especially one that’s released during bike-to-work month! i illo’ed their bike curious article again and am featured on their contributor page. ❤

the talented liz song took the photo of me that’s on the contributor page. liz writes a beautiful blog, my most favorite recent post is here.


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bike to work day is may 10! here’s a btwd graphic i drew up for

the spoke cyclery.


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etsy shop out-of-order! ❤

a little rainstorm and a house flood a month ago set off a series of unexpected but surprisingly welcoming changes in my life in the bay area. i love this amazing place i’ve lived in for almost five years but i’m *really* looking forward to traveling this summer.

i’ve deactivated my etsy shop but if you see something in the “sold” category that you’d like to purchase, please let me know and i’ll re-list just for you if and when i’m able to package it up and mail it out.

and…. i’ve been working on a few event posters but putting most of my time into editing my cross country motorcycle journals. i stumbled across these two photos i took on that trip: the first was taken with my point and shoot at canyonlands NP, the second is of my moto and taken with my holga in white sands NM.


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i’ve been trying to wind down my freelance projs so that i can prep to travel this summer… but i’ve taken on a few fun poster projs for friends! and… am putting a bit of time into turning the journals i wrote during my cross country motorcycle trip into a type of art book.

2 posters below: the first is a piece in progress for my friend rose’s event queer camp that takes place every summer. rose runs an amazing bicycle food service: apothocurious.

the second was my entry for the portland zine symposium (august 11-12). it wasn’t chosen (and I won’t be able to attend) but i had a lot of fun drawing it!


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my little book ‘HelloHello‘ is featured in a big book: Making Mini Books!

thanks Lark Crafts.


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bikeshare #3 will be happening on march 22 at homespun in oakland! my friend josh will be organizing the event as always and it’ll likely be quite fun and packed like the last 2. my posters for bikeshares #1 and 2 are here n here

also, another friend intro’ed me to the amazing singer/songwriter matt dorienn friday eve. he played at local 924gilman– usually a punk venue, always a volunteer-run, all ages space that i’m really happy to have near.

bikeshare poster and matt dorienn pics below ❤